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Yu-Gi-Oh! Shin Duel Monsters 2 (Cheat for ps2)

yu-gi-oh!shin duel monsters 2 (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Blue-Eyes White Dragon:
Reincarnate magic cards such as Mega Drain (DC: 75, Darknite with Chakra) or Creature Swap, and there will be a possibility of getting a Blue- Eyes White Dragon. Since Blue-Eyes White Dragon has a DC of about 55, try reincarnating high magic cards.

Dark Magician: Hidden Ability:
If you can raise the Dark Magician ranking to Major (star with the stripe), you will be able to perform the same extra slot try just as the Robot Knight.

The Forbidden One-33396948
Left Arm-07902349
Right Arm-70903634
Left Leg-44519506
Right Leg-08124921

Immortal Monsters:
Aside from the normal monsters that have less than 1500 ATK and can survive in the Crush territory, there are Immortal Type monsters that can both enter the area, regardless of Attack Power, and gain a field power bonus of +500 points. When these monsters are destroyed in battle, they turn the surrounding spaces into Crush territory, literally leaving their mark.

Red-Eyes Black Dragon:
To get the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, have Joey summon it. Defeat the Red-Eyes Black Dragon and get it in the Graveyard Slots.

Robotic Knight: Extra Graveyard Slot Chance:
Robotic Knight has a hidden ability that lets you have an extra shot at matching three cards in Graveyard Slots. It lets you now try to match three cards on the top row. You get this after you raise your rank to the first star with the yellow stripe.

Royal Decree: Reincarnation:
If you reincarnate a Royal Decree, it will give you three Suijins.

Swordstalker: Stronger Attack:
An easy way to give Swordstalker a strength of 3800 power attack points or more is to sacrifice all the monsters in your deck. Due to Swordstalker's special effect, it will become stronger than those of the CPU. If you have mainly a monster deck with three Swordstalkers, this trick will be very useful. Start by repeatedly trying to combine all of your monsters except for your Swordstalkers. Then, try to send out your Swordstalkers. It will have a power of a 6300/5900 or more. Try making multiple fusions with one card and destroy the card. For example, Zombie + Warrior = Skull knight + Hard armor = Armored Zombie. You will have four cards gone instead of three. Do not forget to destroy your last card with your own leader.

Zoa And Metalzoa:
If you reincarnate Suijin, you will naturally get good cards. However, the real payoff is that you can get Sanga and Kazejin. You can get them both at the same time.

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