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Yu-Gi-Oh! Shin Duel Monsters 2 (Cheat for ps2)

yu-gi-oh!shin duel monsters 2 (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Blue-Eyes White Dragon:
Reincarnate magic cards such as Mega Drain (DC: 75, Darknite with Chakra) or Creature Swap, and there will be a possibility of getting a Blue- Eyes White Dragon. Since Blue-Eyes White Dragon has a DC of about 55, try reincarnating high magic cards.

Dark Magician: Hidden Ability:
If you can raise the Dark Magician ranking to Major (star with the stripe), you will be able to perform the same extra slot try just as the Robot Knight.

The Forbidden One-33396948
Left Arm-07902349
Right Arm-70903634
Left Leg-44519506
Right Leg-08124921

Immortal Monsters:
Aside from the normal monsters that have less than 1500 ATK and can survive in the Crush territory, there are Immortal Type monsters that can both enter the area, regardless of Attack Power, and gain a field power bonus of +500 points. When these monsters are destroyed in battle, they turn the surrounding spaces into Crush territory, literally leaving their mark.

Red-Eyes Black Dragon:
To get the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, have Joey summon it. Defeat the Red-Eyes Black Dragon and get it in the Graveyard Slots.

Robotic Knight: Extra Graveyard Slot Chance:
Robotic Knight has a hidden ability that lets you have an extra shot at matching three cards in Graveyard Slots. It lets you now try to match three cards on the top row. You get this after you raise your rank to the first star with the yellow stripe.

Royal Decree: Reincarnation:
If you reincarnate a Royal Decree, it will give you three Suijins.

Swordstalker: Stronger Attack:
An easy way to give Swordstalker a strength of 3800 power attack points or more is to sacrifice all the monsters in your deck. Due to Swordstalker's special effect, it will become stronger than those of the CPU. If you have mainly a monster deck with three Swordstalkers, this trick will be very useful. Start by repeatedly trying to combine all of your monsters except for your Swordstalkers. Then, try to send out your Swordstalkers. It will have a power of a 6300/5900 or more. Try making multiple fusions with one card and destroy the card. For example, Zombie + Warrior = Skull knight + Hard armor = Armored Zombie. You will have four cards gone instead of three. Do not forget to destroy your last card with your own leader.

Zoa And Metalzoa:
If you reincarnate Suijin, you will naturally get good cards. However, the real payoff is that you can get Sanga and Kazejin. You can get them both at the same time.

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X-Men: The Official Game (Cheat for ps2)

x-men the official game (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Unlockable: Danger Rooms:
You can unlock eight danger room missions. You must get all the Sentinel files and Weapon X files with all the character.

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Way of the Samurai 2 (Cheat for ps2)

way of the samurai 2 (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Cheat: All Store Items:
At the main map enter L1, R1, L1, R1, R2, R2, TRIANGLE.

Cheat: Characters:
In the character customization screen highlight the name option and enter L1, R2, R1, L2, L1, R2, R1, L2, SQUARE. Left and right will select your character. Note: Code must be entered quickly.

Cheat: Full Health:
Pause the game and HOLD R1 and L1 then press DOWN, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, SQUARE you will here a sound if you entered it correctly.

Unlockable List:
Hard Mode: 1000 points
Sudden Death Mode: 7500 points
Bonus Characters: Each time you beat the game you will receive more characters.
Costumes: Each time you beat the game you will receive more constumes.

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Van Helsing (Cheat for ps2)

van helsing (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Unlockable: Archaic Clothes cheat glyph:
When battling Dracula for the first time in Castle Frankenstein, a bunch of lab equipment will be near Velken off to the side.Look for a batch of green ooz, jump in and click the action button until you find it. You may only keep it if you get it before killing Dracula otherwise you must go back for it.

Unlockable: Power Clothes:
defeat all bosses with hat on

Unlockable: Unlimited Ammo:
Defeat the game on Hard Mode

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True Crime: Streets of New York (Cheat for ps2)

true crime streets of new york (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Puma Shoes Outfit:
Collect all 10 pairs of Puma shoes around the city and then visit the Puma
Shoe store to get this Outfit.
Puma Shoes Outfit Collect all 10 pairs of Puma Shoes

Red Man Gone Wild Mini-Game:
Complete the game 100% and after you get a call from Redman go to his location to unlock this mini-game on the main menu.

Redman Gone Wild Mini-Game Complete the Game 100%

Hold down the L1+R1 shoulder buttons while you are on the CompStat/Map screen before pushing the following buttons:
Double Damage X, X, Square, X, X and X
Unlimited Ammo Circle, Square, X, Square, Square and Triangle
Get a Million Dollars Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle and Square
Unlock Redman Gone Wild Mini-Game Triangle, X, X, Circle, Triangle and Square
Ultra Easy Mode Circle, Square, X, X, Triangle and Circle
Super Cop Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Triangle and Triangle
Unlimited Endurance Circle, Square, x, Square, X and Circle

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Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Cheat for ps2)

xenosaga episode 3:also sprach zarathustra (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Unlockable - Heaven's Door Accessory:
Clear Ables Ark. Afterwards, go to the womans room in the Elsa and talk to Kamikaze. He will speak about Alby (the puppy) being lost. With that snatchet, head to the EVS plate and dive into the Durandal. Find Alby a few times and Alby will uncover Heaven's Door.

Now to equip the darn thing, go back to the Elsa and dive in to the CAT testing ground. Take the last cart on the right and it will lead you to a big door. Having defeated the Ables Ark and uncovered the Heaven's Door, you can open this door now.

The game will ask you if you want to simulate a battle with Universtros. Before you say yes, be sure to have a save somewhere before (and be particularly tough). The boss transforms into ID from Xenogears and has 999,999 HP. To beat him, make sure all of your E.S's don't have over 1 anime gauge at the same time or he will heal 149,000 each round.

Defeat him and head back to the Elsa and go to the B1 area, where the E.S's are. Talk to the droid under the structure and he will make the Heaven's Door equippable.
Hint - Aqueduct Opening:
You can only do this on Fifth Jerusalem after you meet Allen at the hotel before heading up to your room go to cliff in the park and an old woman will be bothering a worker. Talk to her and then go back to the hotel and a man will be sitting in a chair wondering where his grandma is.

After you talk to him go back to the park and talk to the worker the her grandson will show up and take her away. The worker gives you a good item and walks away. You can now blow up the pipe and open the aqueaduct and get the item there.

Hint - Jin's Optimum Weapon:
Go to the girl's bathroom and talk to the droid there. You'll need the weapon Bo Yan and a pack of beads to get Jin's most powerful weapon. Of course, you'll have to unequip the Bo Yan and equip another weaker weapon for him. You can find the so-called beads in Miltia.

Dive in the EVS Plate (Green Plate) And lunch in old church, Miltia. Search everywhere all around Miltia to find the whatever the hell that bead is. Here's an extra hint: You can find Jr's swimsuit somewhere in Miltia too. If you ever find a gate that needs the password, the password is 5150. You can get that darn thing and get the hell out of Miltia and go back to the droid in the girl's cabin and give the items to the droid.

Make sure that Bo Yan is unequipped or else you cannot let the droid make that weapon of Jin's.

Hint - ID boss:
You can only battle ID when you get the Weapons Room key from Citrine. ID is located in the CAT Testing Grounds on the E.V.S system. ID is a bit hard to defeat. Here is the best strategy I could come up with.

Before You Battle ID - I would wait to defeat ID until you get passed Abel's Ark (which has a boss battle I will be covering soon) so you can acquire Heaven's Door while you are at the CAT Testing Grounds. I also recommend buying about 80 Half Repairs, 50 All Repairs, and 99 Nano Repair Ms. Make sure all of your best E.S. equipment is equipped. You will also obtain Anima 3 when you defeat Abel's Ark, which will come in handy while battling ID.

Step One: When you first start battling ID, he is about as strong as an eleven year old. ID may seem like an easy boss at first, but once you are done defeating his first form, he will transform. You should not have any trouble defeating ID's first form. If you do, than there is no way you can beat his second form, even with help like this.

Step 2: ID's second form is the hard part. The following strategy was the one that worked best for me.

Unless the E.S. Asher is down and out, have him in the battle. The other E.S.s you have in the battle don't matter. The only thing you need to look for to decide which other E.S.s you should use is how much MAX Health it has. Sometimes there will be a blue arrow pointing to an E.S. which you can see once you use the E.S.s. If it is pointing at you, odds are, ID is going to beat the crap out of that E.S. Use the Guard command as the E.S. that the blue arrow is pointing to as that E.S.s turn.

Let the E.S. Asher be the only one to attack ID. Only use far distance attacks! Let the other E.S.s heal all the other E.S.s to keep you in the battle. Once the E.S. Asher has a full Anima guage, use his special attack. I would save the Anima you get until you have three full Anima guages.

ID will use an attack called Demon Lord if he starts to charge. You will get a heads up message when ID is charging. He will attack on his last turn. When he charges, I don't care if you have three full Anima guages, I don't care if the blue arrow is not pointing to you, YOU MUST BLOCK! Repeat this process until you defeat ID.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare (Cheat for ps2)

teenage mutant ninja turtles 3 :mutant nightmare (cheat and walkthoughs for ps2)
Enter DMLDMRLD as a password. Healing items will no longer be available.

Enemies 2X Defense:
Enter SLRMLSSM as a password.

Enemies 2X Power:
Enter MSRLSMML as a password.

Infinite Shuriken:
Enter LMDRRMSR as a password.

Instant Death:
Enter LDMSLRDD as a password. One enemy hit will kill the turtles.

Enter MDLDSSLR as a password.

Max Ougi:
Enter RRDMLSDL as a password.

Password notes:
Use the following key when entering the passwords:
L: Leonardo
M: Michaelangelo
D: Donatello
R: Raphael
S: Shredder

Shuriken Loser:
Enter LLMSRDMS as a password. Shuriken will no longer be available.

Sushi Party:
Enter SLLMRSLD as a password. All healing items will turn into Temaki Sushi.

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Stuntman (Cheat for ps2)

stuntman (cheat and walkthoughs for ps2)
Unlock Master Code:
Go to the "New Game" menu and Put in MUssON for a case sensitive driver name

Unlock All Cars:
Go to the "New Game" menu and put in ChUmP for a case sensitive driver name (also reported as spiDER)

Unlock All Toys:
Go to the "New Game" menu and put in MeFf for a case sensitive driver name

Unlock All Driving Games, Toys and Cars:
Go to the "New Game" menu and put in BindI (the I is capital) for a case sensitive driver name

Unlock FMV:
Go to the "New Game" menu and put in fellA for a case sensitive driver name

When you enter the cheat for example spider at the last charcter you put "r" you click circle and double the "r" then click x and it will tell you if you had a correct code entry

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King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (Cheat for ps2)

king kong the official game of the movie (cheat and walkthoughs for ps2)
Artwork gallery:
Successfully complete the game.

Hint: More effective spears and bones:
Spears and bones are more effective when lit on fire.

Hint: Killing smaller dinosaurs:
Use the following trick to kill a smaller dinosaur, such as the
Velociraptor, easily. Throw a spear directly in its neck or head.
Note: The spear does not need to be on fire

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Harry Potter And The Socerer’s Stone (Cheat For p2)

harry potter and the socerer's stone (cheat and walkthoughs for ps2)
Game Shark Codes:
Infinite Health
80082964 8000

Stop Timers
8007B538 0FA0

Have All Spells
30082685 00F0

Have All Blue Beans
800827F2 000F

Have All Green Beans
800827F6 0100

Have All Red Beans
800827FA 0100

Have All Yellow Beans
800827EE 000F

Press L1 For Extra House Points
800827DC 7000
800827DE 003E

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Street Fighters III :Third Strike (cheat for ps2)

street fighters III : Third Strike (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
System Direction Page 8
Complete game with using 5 characters

System Direction Page 9
Complete game with using 10 characters

System Direction Page 10
Complete game with using 15 characters

Unlock Gill
Complete game with using all characters in difficulty setting whatever and system direction the setting on normal

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One Piece Grand Battle 3 (cheat for ps2)

one piece grand battle 3 (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Luffy’s Crew 3rd Alternate Costume
On training mode ,complete training list with using Luffy ,Zorro ,Sanji ,Ussop ,Chopper ,Nami and Nico Robin

Luffy’s Crew 4th Alternate Costume
Enter to option Vs,after select for versus computer,in difficulty setting hard ,and 3 rounds.Then ,win all round with using Super Lv 2 Special

Unlock Enel
After open Luffy’s Crew ,complete game with using Wiper and Monkey.D.Luffy in difficulty setting hard.

Unlock Hina
After open Enel ,win game with using Ussop in difficulty setting hard

Unlock Mr 2 /Bon Clay
After open Hina ,complete game with using Sanji in difficulty setting hard

Unlock Mr O /Mr Crocodile
Complete game with using Nico Robin in difficulty setting hard

Unlock Omu
Complete game with using Tony Tony Chopper in difficulty setting hard

Unlock Smoker
Complete game with using Roronoa Zoro in difficulty setting hard

Unlock Wiper
Complete game with using Monkey.D.Luffy in difficulty setting hard

Unlock Portgas.D.Ace
After open all characters on top,complete Training mode with using Luffy’s Crew.Then complete game with using Smoker in difficulty setting hard

Unlock Red Hair Shanks
After open all characters on top ,complete game with using Luffy’s Crew in difficulty setting hard.Then complete game with using Luffy in difficulty setting hard

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Megaman Power Battle Fighters (cheat for ps2)

Megaman Power Battle Fighters (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Extra Options in Rockman 2 the Power Fighters
Complete Extreme in Rockman 2 the Power Fighters

Extra Options in Rockman the Power Battle
Complete Extreme in Rockman the Power Battle

Extreme in Rockman 2 the Power Fighters
Complete Rockman 2 the Power Fighters

Extreme in Rockman The Power Battle
Complete Rockman the Power Battle

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Fight Night 2004 (cheat for ps2)

fight night 2004 (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Unlock All Venues
On main menu,press left 3x ,right 3x ,left ,right 2x

Unlock Big Heads
On main menu,press left ,right ,left ,right ,left ,right ,left

Unlock Big Tigger
On main menu,select My corner ,Record Book ,Most Win-Boxer ,after press up 2x

Unlock Beat Chest (Taunt)
Defeat Rafael Marquez in Feather weight

Unlock Boogie Down (Taunt)
Defeat Antonio Tarver in Light heavy weight

Unlock Shake Head (Taunt)
Defeat Ricardo Mayorga in Welter weight

Unlock The Sledgehammer (Signature Punch)
Defeat Sonny Liston in Heavy weight

Unlock Watch the Birdie
Defeat Bernand Hopkins

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Bujingai (cheat for ps2)

Bujingai (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Complete game in hard mode

Production Press Release Meeting
Get 5 tai chi symbols

Gackt’s Voice + Motion Capture
Get 15 tai chi symbols

Get 20 tai chi symbols

Gackt Outfit
Get 25 tai chi symbols

Image Law (In Gackt Outfit)
Get 30 tai chi symbols

Hirokazu Yamadera Interview
Get 40 tai chi symbols

Ou Tian Zai’s Voice + Image-Oni1
Get 50 tai chi symbols

Sakamoto Maaya Interview
Get 60 tai chi symbols

Get 70 tai chi symbols

Norio Wakamoto Interview
Get 80 tai chi symbols

Get 90 tai chi symbols

Get 100 tai chi symbols

Image-Ou Tian Zai + Lei Zhen Long
Get 110 tai chi symbols

Demo Version Video+ TGS Video
Get 120 tai chi symbols

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Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition (cheat for ps2)

devil my cry 3 special edition (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
Alternate ending sequence:
During the ending credits, kill at least 100 opponents with Dante.

Bloody palace mode:
Complete the game as Dante or use a memory card with a DMC3 save data.

Easy mode:
Die 3 times in normal mode.

Coatless Dante:
Complete easy or normal mode.

Coatless Vergil:
Beat easy with vergil.

Concept Art:
Complete Vergil Story mode on any difficulty setting.

Continue where you last left off:
Select Gold before you start a new game.

Vergil mode:
Complete the game as Dante or use a memory card with a DMC3 save data.

Corrupt Vergil:
Clear the hard level.

Clear Bonus Art:
Complete Vergil Story mode on any difficulty setting.

Crazy Gameplay Video:
Complete Vergil Story mode on any difficulty setting.

DMC1 Dante:
Complete normal mode.

E3 Promotional Video:
Complete Vergil Story mode on any difficulty setting.

Hard mode:
Complete normal mode.

Prologue Vergil 1 and 2:
Complete Vergil Story mode on any difficulty setting.

Super Corrupt Vergil:
Clear VMD.

Super Dante:
Finish the game on DMD difficulty.

Super Vergil:
Complete bloody palace.

Very hard difficulty:
You must beat the hard level.

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Biohazard: Code Veronica (cheat for ps2)

biohazard code veronica (cheat and walkthroughs for ps2)
First person view option in battle mode:
Successfully complete the game on the easy or normal difficulty settings with any ranking to enable an option to play battle mode in first person view.
Battle mode:
Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting with any ranking. Then, battle mode will automatically be saved to the memory card and selectable at the main menu.
Linear launcher in battle mode:
Get an "A" ranking with Chris, Steve Burnside, Albert Wesker and both versions of Claire in battle mode to unlock the linear launcher. It will appear in your inventory during the next battle mode game.
Play as alternate Claire in battle mode:
Perform well with the original Claire in battle mode.
Play as Steve Burnside in battle mode:
Get the Gold Lugers from the basement office in Disc 2. The correct combination is red, green, blue, and brown. You can also unlock Steve Burnside by performing well with the original Chris in battle mode.
Rocket launcher:
Get an "A" ranking in the normal game by completing it without saving, no first aid sprays, and no retries. Additionally, save Steve from the Luger quickly, give the Medicine to Rodrigo, and complete the game with a time less than 4:30. The rocket launcher will appear in the first item box in the next new game.
Play as Albert Wesker in battle mode:
Perform well with Chris in battle mode.

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Batman Begins (cheat for ps2)

batman begins (cheat for ps2)
Defeating Ra's Al Goul:
To defeat Ra's Al Goul at the end, make sure you defeat all of the ninjas that are around him; he will not die until all ninjas are dead. Also, when Ra's Al Goul is trying to attack you with the sword, it is best to use counter.
All Movies and Interviews:Beat the game once.
Caped Crusader Suit:
Complete the game on any difficulty.
Two Batmobile missions:
Beat the game once.
World's Greatest Detective Suit:
Complete the game on any difficulty.
Everything in Gallery of Fear:
Beat the game once.
Dark Knight Suit:
Complete the game on any difficulty.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender (cheat for ps2)

avatar the last airbender (cheat for ps2)
Cheat Mode:
Select the Code Entry option at the Extras menu, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:
Infinite copper:
Enter 23637 as a code.
Infinite health:
Enter 94677 as a code.
Infinite stealth:
Enter 53467 as a code.
Character concept gallery:
Enter 97831 as a code.
Double damage:
Enter 34743 as a code.
One-hit dishonor:
Enter 54641 as a code.
All treasure maps:
Enter 37437 as a code.
Infinite Chi:
Enter 24463 as a code.

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America’s Ten Most Wanted (cheat for ps2)

america's ten most wanted (cheat for ps2)

At the Title Screen, press Circle (x 5) and Square (x 4).
You'll hear a sound for confirmation.
On the Special Features Menu, cheats have been activated.
These can be toggled on or off before you start the game.

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